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Apr 2021


Michael Pirozzi

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A big perk about working with Mike? He has walked in your sales shoes before and can relate to what you’re going through. After University, Michael started his career in tech sales. He worked for a POS tech company as a full-cycle SMB Account Executive. Then, he joined a CX SaaS company as an Enterprise BDR. He was even onboard while they went through an acquisition!

After having a positive experience with a recruiter, Michael knew that’s what he wanted to do next with his career. Knowing the industry and roles, he loves to help guide people who are in a similar place he’s been before.

Michael is always wearing Yankees baseball gear - but don’t let that fool you - he is a good ol’ southern boy! He grew up outside of Charleston, South Carolina, and goes crazy over BBQ ribs and biscuits. A daredevil too, Michael has gone bungee jumping off of the 2nd highest jump in the world - WOW.

What roles do you help hire for?

Sales Development Representatives

Senior Business Development Representative

Account Executive

Senior Account Executive

Account Manager

Senior Account Manager

Customer Success Manager

Senior Customer Success Manager

Partner Sales Manager

BDR Team Lead

What did you do before Captivate Talent?

I was an SDR for 2 years at a CX startup called StellaConnect. Worked my way up to the MM and Enterprise SDR tier there before getting acquired by Medallia. Then I switched careers to recruiting.

Tell us about your recent placements!

I placed two AE's in the architect space at $180K OTE that were AEs previously.

I placed a very close friend of mine at a HRtech startup as a Jr. AE at $80K OTE who worked with me previously at StellaConnect.

I finally placed an SDR who I was working with since I started recruiting at a $81K OTE in the FinTech space.

Love using my network to help people find jobs!

What's your best candidate tip?

Don't get discouraged, if 1 company says no, that just means it wasn't a good fit for you and you'll find something much better.

What's your best tip for companies hiring?

Always give good feedback and focus on the candidate experience. Be very transparent and responsive.

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