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Unsure about how much money you should be making in your current role? Want to know how to manage multiple job offers? How about some help with how to negotiate salary?

Join Captivate Talent's weekly job seeker office hours to get answers to all of your job search questions.

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Captivate Talent has been key in getting me to where I am in my career. They helped me navigate finding a new job, something I hadn't had to do in over 15 years! The best thing about Captivate Talent team is there willingness to go above and beyond. For several weeks I showed up to discuss my job search journey and every week they were ready and willing to help me pivot and find the right path. Not only that, they used their network to put me in touch with someone who eventually introduced me to the hiring manager at Augury...and the rest is history.
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Dustin Katka
Senior Enterprise SDR at Augury

What exactly is job seeker office hours?

Office hours is a 1-hour live event every week where we help professionals looking for their first revenue role or looking for a new revenue role (either horizontal or vertical move).

If you're in or looking to get in to a job in sales, marketing, or customer success (aka revenue roles), office hours can help you navigate your job search or answer questions you have about your current role.

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All of your career questions answered.

When it comes to career advice or career growth, it's sometimes tough to ask peers about things like:
- Am I being fairly compensated?
- How do I land my first leadership role?
- How do I get people to agree to be references?
- And more!

We're here to give our advice from over 60+ years combined in SaaS recruiting and placing over 200+ candidates at high-growth SaaS companies.

Let us be your secret weapon to help you grow your career fast.

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What job advice can office hours help with?

During office hours, you can ask us anything related to your current role or job hunt. From "I think I want to change my career" all the way to "I have an offer in hand!"

We can help you with:
✅ Prepping for interviews
✅ Salary/compensation expectations
✅ Where to find jobs
✅ Career questions/advice
✅ Career growth
✅ Managing offers
✅ Current role questions
✅ What the job market looks like
✅ Anything else around job searches, job market, or career growth

Help me advance my career

Meet the host of office hours:
Chris Gannon

Chris Gannon

Chris is the Founder and Principal at Captivate Talent which focuses on placing top revenue professionals at growth-stage technology companies.

They help their clients not only attract and hire but also retain top talent by guiding hiring managers through a thoughtful and transparent interview process.

Chris has been in recruiting for 15 years and has scaled and built out recruitment for 2 high-growth start-ups as their Head of Talent Acquisition.

He has a passion for helping people and is on an ongoing quest to find the world's best pizza.

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