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Vice President of Sales


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May 25, 2023
Our client is a rapidly growing, headless logistics SaaS company. Their API driven platform allows enterprise customers to customize, integrate, and visualize every aspect of the logistics process from inventory management to ship from store to financing. Their most recent win was with Chicco's (retail), servicing all 1200 stores with their ship from store motion. They also have long standing relationships with Hyatt, WeWork, and Toyota.

The VP of Sales will help transition from founder led sales, be a hands on leader, build a repeatable sales motion, and grow from the existing team of 2.

The ideal candidate will have successfully led enterprise sales processes for a highly complex product and technical persona, have helped a company grow from $xM to $xxM in the past, and have a track record of leading full cycle teams.

Since there is a coordination with a global team, we prefer East Coast candidates only.
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Lead Recruiter

Casey Erickson


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