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Top language learning platform does 2x revenue after expanding to B2B market with early revenue hires from Captivate Talent

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Captivate Talent helps Babbel build new US B2B revenue team from scratch

After finding success globally in the consumer market, Babbel was looking to expand into B2B to increase their total market. 

To quickly build a revenue team to support expansion, Babbel partnered with Captivate Talent because of their ability to fill multiple roles fast and experience in hiring for B2B revenue roles.

In less than 12 months, Captivate Talent placed 11 hires at Babbel across sales, marketing, and customer success, including their Director of B2B Sales and Customer Success.

Who is Babbel?

German EdTech company that helps people learn new languages.


Partnership started in
Feb 2022
$22M Series C
Feb 2022
$22M Series C


Scottish Equity Partners, VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, REV, IBB Ventures, and more

"The Captivate Talent team placed me in my current role and now I am so lucky I get to continue working with them to find new talent to expand my team! 

They have been wonderful across initial hiring and checking in, to bringing me fantastic candidates to join my team and aligning experience thoughtfully. One of the best things about working with Captivate is that you get to work with the whole team. With such an expansive team full of brilliant recruiters, they've been key to our team's success as well as my personal success."

Meredith Silver
First US B2B Sales Leader



Total roles placed at Babbel since partnership started


Goal attainment during first year of new US B2B revenue team

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Helping Babbel 2x North America revenue with a strategic leadership hire and 10 additional revenue hires

Captivate Talent has impacted Babbel’s entire revenue team, starting at the top with their first US B2B sales leader.

After Captivate's Executive Search Team completed a successful leadership search, Captivate Talent's GTM team helped Babbel build out the rest of their revenue org with 10 additional hires including their first Account Executive and manager of the CS team.

Since partnering together at the beginning of 2022, Babbel's North America B2B team 2x-ed revenue and finished the year at 136% to revenue attainment. The B2B team in North America is on track to 3x revenue from their 2022 number in 2023.

1st placement

First US Sales Leader - Director of B2B Sales and Customer Success, North America

Additional placements

Marketing Manager (1), Account Executives (3), Enterprise BDR (4), BDR Manager (1), Customer Success Manager (1)

Challenge: Creating a winning US B2B revenue team fast without an existing pipeline

Babbel had ambitious goals for building its US B2B business. To support that motion, they needed to build a strong revenue team from scratch, and fast.

Since most of their team was in Berlin, they needed to partner with someone in the US to manage recruiting in the same timezone and provide experience for hiring in B2B in the US.

Because they also needed to move fast on hiring, they needed a partner that already had a strong talent pipeline of B2B revenue professionals.

Solution: Building an effective hiring strategy that supports 11 hires in <12 months

Captivate Talent helped Babbel build an effective hiring strategy with more than just strong talent, Captivate also provided advice and coaching.

Before starting the recruiting process, Captivate Talent worked with Babbel to benchmark salaries that were competitive in the market. Additionally, Captivate helped Babbel refine their pitch, using a mix of their brand recognition plus communicating to candidates the opportunity to build out their B2B motion from scratch.

Since there were so many types of roles to hire, Captivate worked with Babbel to develop each role’s interview process and assignment/presentation part. By capturing effective feedback from candidates and Babbel, Captivate was able to improve the interview process to be strong and effective.