Fast-growing SaaS startups trust Captivate Talent to build and grow their revenue teams

Captivate Talent is trusted by early-to-growth stage founders and leaders to help hire top talent in both leadership and individual contributor roles across sales, marketing, and customer success.

IPO in Israel

Helping an Israeli startup double their US team to support growth from Series B to IPO in Israel

"Captivate Talent has become a trusted partner and true extension of our business. Our success is an outcome of the talent we have.

Since February 2019, we’ve more than doubled the size of our US team and much of that is attributed to Captivate Talent."

Yaron Dishon
Chief Revenue Officer and GM Idomoo USA

1st placement

Senior SDR (Promoted to Customer Enablement)

Additional placements

Senior SDR (2), Account Executive (2), Enterprise Account Director (2), Customer Success Manager, Director of Customer Success, Manager of Sales Development, Creative Project Manager (2)

$22M Series C

Top language learning platform does 2x revenue after expanding to B2B market with early revenue hires from Captivate Talent

The Captivate Talent team placed me in my current role and now I am so lucky I get to continue working with them to find new talent to expand my team! 

They have been wonderful across initial hiring and checking in, to bringing me fantastic candidates to join my team and aligning experience thoughtfully. One of the best things about working with Captivate is that you get to work with the whole team. With such an expansive team full of brilliant recruiters, they've been key to our team's success as well as my personal success.

Meredith Silver
First US B2B Sales Leader

1st placement

First US Sales Leader - Director of B2B Sales and Customer Success, North America

Additional placements

Marketing Manager (1), Account Executives (3), Enterprise BDR (4), BDR Manager (1), Customer Success Manager (1)

Cyber Security
$22M Series A

Cyber Security startup partners with Captivate Talent to find their first sales hire and scale their GTM strategy

"Working with Captivate was a smooth experience. They struck the right balance of communication. We always knew what was going on. It never felt like we had to worry about anything. We were fortunate that Captivate recruited for leadership and ICs and found it helpful to our success."

Rishabh Poddar
Co-Founder and CEO

1st placement

Founding Account Executive

Additional placements

£64M Series C

1st placement

Head of Sales (promoted to Global Head of Partnerships)

Additional placements

Lead Account Executive, AEs, SDR Manager

$25M Series A

1st placement

Lead Account Executive

Additional placements

SDR Manager, Additional AE, SDR


1st placement

Enterprise Sales Executive

Additional placements

SVP of Sales, VP of Sales, Director of Sales, Director of Marketing, Director of Sales Operations, Additional AEs, Additional Marketing Managers, and CSMs

Big Data
$200M Series B

1st placement

Senior Account Executive

Additional placements

Enterprise Account Executive (3)