Case Study

Captivate Talent delivers multiple finalists for VP of Marketing role, filled in 51 days

Note: Captivate Talent is dedicated to sourcing and placing exceptional individuals, ensuring that our talent pool represents diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

This case study includes a diverse hire, furthering our commitment to diversity and our ability to match top-tier talent from all backgrounds with organizations seeking to build a more inclusive and innovative workforce.

Captivate Talent helps Nayya find the right hire to fill a gap between the CEO and a two-person marketing team

Nayya was looking for a marketing leader to help bridge the gap between a two-person marketing team and the CEO. After struggling with pipeline and constantly changing candidate requirements, Nayya was looking to partner with a recruiting agency to help bring in more volume and a better process.

Captivate was able to deliver, and deliver fast. The search was completed in only 51 days and had multiple finalists. 

Since the placement, Nayya has already seen improvements in sales enablement collateral from marketing and speaking opportunities for their leadership team (increased visibility).

Who is Nayya?

Nayya is a benefits experience platform that provides decision support and guidance during enrollment, and new employee onboarding.


Partnership started in
Mar 2023
Series C $55M
Mar 2023
Series C $55M


ICONIQ Growth, Transformation Capital, Felicis, and 15 others

"During the first round of interviews, it was clear that Captivate was presenting quality candidates. 

They understood the ask and knew the marketing qualifications, so we could spend more time focusing on further specific items related to culture and role. 

We were so confident in Captivate’s candidates that we even tried to create a new role for the runner up!"

Consuelo Mendez
Director of Talent Acquisition



Days from search kickoff to offer


Profiles contacted throughout search


Candidates sent to Nayya


Finalists for the role

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Results: Multiple finalists for the role in 51 days

With a solid process in place for feedback and building a pipeline, Captivate Talent was able to deliver multiple finalists for the VP of Marketing role.

Nayya was so impressed with the talent pipeline, they even considered creating an additional role for the runner-up. They knew it was going to be a win with how quickly Captivate understood what their ideal profile looked like and the candidates they delivered.

The hired candidate has already impacted the business as well, delivering new sales enablement collateral and opening up opportunities for Nayya’s leadership team to gain more visibility.

1st placement

VP of Marketing

Additional placements

Challenge: Shifting to changing priorities and solving for low candidate pipeline

Despite internal recruiting efforts, Nayya was struggling to create a strong pipeline of candidates. Things were constantly changing around the ideal profile. 

They understood that they wanted someone that would build a strong growth engine centered around demand gen, community, and storytelling. But they needed the right recruiting partner to bring in more quality candidates and help bring in knowledge around hiring for the role.

Solution: A strong understanding of marketing and a well-built network help build a robust pipeline fast

After the search kicked off, Nayya was immediately impressed with Captivate Talent’s marketing knowledge, strong network, and process management.

Captivate Talent took their strong understanding of the different parts of marketing (product, brand, demand gen, etc) to quickly assess each candidate’s marketing experience. This helped provide insight into what strengths each candidate would bring Nayya.

During the entire search, Captivate provided open and honest feedback to help build a robust pipeline, even as priorities and requirements shifted during the search.