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Chief Revenue Officer
VP of Sales
Director of Sales
Enterprise Sales
Account Executive
Sales Development Manager
Senior SDR
Senior BDR


Chief Marketing Officer
VP of Marketing
Demand Generation
Product Marketing
Content Marketing
Brand Marketing
Growth Marketing
Digital Marketing

Customer Success

Chief Customer Officer
VP of Customer Success
Head of Customer Success
Director of Customer Success
Enterprise CSM
Customer Success Manager
Account Manager
Technical Account Manager

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)s

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Is Captivate a recruiting firm that specializes in executive headhunting or frontline talent?

Captivate Talent helps SaaS companies hire both individual contributors and executive leaders for their revenue teams.

We built two teams in our company that work together and match how revenue teams are built.

Our Executive team helps hire leadership roles like Chief Revenue Officer and VP of Sales.

Our Go-to-Market team helps to hire IC roles like sales reps, marketing managers, and CSMs.

We know that exact titles for a role can change during the hiring process. Having both teams allows us to keep momentum if a search changes.

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Does Captivate focus more on sales talent, marketing talent or CX?

We don’t just focus on SaaS sales talent. We can help you build out your full revenue team. That includes any hires in Marketing or Customer Success.

Check out our success stories to see success stories where we’ve helped startups hire for multiple roles across sales, marketing, and CX.

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For sales hiring — can Captivate help me find a sales leader in addition to front line sales roles?

Absolutely! We’ve run plenty of searches where we start by hiring a sales executive and then hire the rest of the sales team.

Here’s a case study where we helped Paddle expand to the US starting with a VP of Sales and then helped them hire Account Executives and SDRs: Paddle Case Study

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Can Captivate help me build out a business development team from scratch?

Definitely! Here’s a case study where we helped a startup called Dandi make their first two business development hires: Dandi Case Study

P.S. Both of these candidates were diverse hires as well :)

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Why should I work with Captivate over other SaaS sales recruiters?

SaaS companies pick us over other recruiting firms for a few big reasons:

1. We’re dedicated to startups and revenue talent
All of our resources, recruiters, and talent is targeted to startups and revenue talent. We attend relevant conferences and events to those people/companies. We’re able to give more consultative advice to more specialized searches vs general recruiting knowledge.

2. We see the US and Canada SaaS revenue space as our primary and only market
It’s not a secondary market or secondary revenue stream. We only focus on that market so we are specialized on searches for startups and revenue talent.

You won’t see big logos on our website because we work with every company equally. Be wary of recruiting agencies that pitch otherwise. When it’s your startup vs a much bigger startup, whose call do you think is going to be picked up first?

3. We have completed multiple searches to help startups find revenue leaders and grow out their revenue team
The proof is here!

4. We approach recruiting with a human touch
We prefer to use human searches because humans are still key to making key hires, especially if you are a founder looking to build your revenue team.

5. We don’t work off the partner or researcher model
We have experienced executive recruiters who do the search end to end from intake calls to candidate screens and delivery. Roles are not being passed on to team members you may not talk to.

Any other questions about this? Just ask here!

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What is Captivate’s recruiting process like? Is it primarily LinkedIn outreach?

To find talent, we tap into LinkedIn, our extensive network of over 10k candidates we’ve talked to, and events in the SaaS space.

In terms of our process, we start with a kick-off call to help us understand the roles you need to hire for so we can identify the best recruiter from our team to work with you.

Then we set up a call to dive into your story, the company story, and the role so we can best identify the right talent.

Once we understand your hires, we can present candidates who not only can do the job, but align with your culture and values.
We’ll also work with you to extend the offer and be there until it’s accepted.

You can find more information on our process here!

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What are some key things I should look for in a SaaS recruitment agency?

A few things you should be looking for in a SaaS recruitment agency:
- An agency that’s based in the same timezone as the candidates you are looking for—candidates want to speak at times that are convenient to them
- A recruiting agency that has plenty of experience hiring the same roles you’re looking to hire—the cost of bad hire can make or break SaaS startups at this stage
- An agency that shift to your shifting needs—that’s why we have an executive recruiting team and a go-to-market team

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Does Captivate Talent only hire for US-based companies?

Nope! We have helped many software companies outside of the US expand into the US.

Check out this case study we did with Babbel to help them build out their US revenue team.

In terms of where we place talent, we only hire for US or Canada-based roles.

Even though we can’t help you hire sales, marketing or CX talent outside of the US, we have plenty of recommendations for recruiting partners that can.


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