Get paid for tech job referrals

Do you hang out with SaaS founders or know hiring managers at early-stage startups?

Refer them to work with Captivate Talent for hiring. If we work on roles with them, we will pay you 1% of the base salary for the roles.

Join the Captivate Talent Affiliate Program
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Why join the Captivate Talent affiliate program?


Earn 1% of base salary

If your intro turns into a job that we either fill or work on for 21 days or more, you'll be paid 1% of the estimated base salary for the role.

You'll also be eligible to earn 1% for all additional roles generated within the first 3 months of the signed contract.

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Assets ready to share

Access our library of case studies, reviews, thought leadership content and more to help you be successful in promoting Captivate Talent.

We're here to enable you and maximize opportunities for successful referrals.


Support and updates

After you intro a potential SaaS startup for Captivate Talent to work with, we'll keep you updated on deal and hiring progress.

We're here to answer any questions you might have regarding referrals you have sent over.

Monetize your SaaS network

Turn DMs and emails asking "Do you know someone for this role I'm hiring for?" into cash.

Turn referrals into cash

How it works

1—Sign up for our affiliate program

Click on any of the buttons on this page to sign up for the affiliate program—you'll just need to complete the short form to sign up.

2—Intro us via email to SaaS startups

If you know a startup is hiring or get a DM or email asking for a referral to find talent, intro us via email to that startup.

3—Get paid for successful referrals

For every role generated in the first 3 months (must end up filled or open for 21 days), we pay you out 1% of the base salary.

What referrals are eligible?

SaaS referrals

Captivate Talent only works with SaaS companies. All referring companies must be SaaS companies.

Additionally, Captivate Talent only works with software companies that are:
- Early-stage US companies (Seed-Series B)
- Overseas startups expanding into the US

Revenue roles only

All job referrals must be for jobs in either sales, marketing, and customer success.

Captivate Talent only helps build revenue teams for software startups.

We don't hire for engineering, support, HR, etc.

New partnerships

Referrals must be SaaS startups that Captivate Talent does not have an existing relationship with.

If you are unsure whether a company qualifies due to this reason, feel free to message us with the company name after joining the affiliate program.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)s

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What is the Captivate Talent affiliate program?

The Captivate Talent affiliate program is for those connected to SaaS revenue leaders and hiring managers who would like to create an extra source of income.

The program is free to join and allows you to monetize potential hiring requests that you come across.

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How much time do I need to invest?

The only time investment required is sending an email intro between Captivate Talent and a SaaS company, founder, or hiring manager when they are willing to work with Captivate Talent to hire for a revenue role(s).

Outside of the email, Captivate Talent takes care of scheduling time with your referral, signing contracts, sourcing candidates etc,

Our process removes the burden of having to find people in your network for those who ask you for candidate referrals.

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I'm already referring candidates to founders and hiring managers. Why should I join the Captivate Talent affiliate program?

Our program is a win-win for 3 reasons:

1) You no longer have to spend time sourcing through your network to find candidates.

2) Companies get access to a larger talent pool by working with Captivate Talent.

3) You get paid for successful referrals (if you're not getting paid already), with a fraction of the work required—you only have to intro us.

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What referrals can I send over?

Captivate Talent only hires for early-to-growth stage SaaS startups hiring in the US/Canada or expanding into the US. We also only work on revenue roles (sales, marketing, and customer success).

If your referral does not meet this criteria, it will not be eligible for the referral payment. If you have questions, you can contact us after signing up for the affiliate program.