Meet sales leaders with a proven track record of success

We’ve built 1,000s of relationships with sales executives over the last 6+ years

Our B2B sales recruitment team will find you top sales performers in 7 days or less.

Leverage our extensive network and industry knowledge to connect you with sales leaders who have a proven track record of driving revenue growth and exceeding targets.

Trusted by 100s of B2B SaaS companies to find experienced sales leaders

First US Sales Leader
VP of Sales
Multiple Sales Leaders
VP of Sales
First US Sales Leader
VP of Sales

Sales executive recruiters: Great for startups looking to build or scale their sales function

Sales headhunters provide valuable support for startups seeking to develop or expand their sales team. With their expertise and connections in the industry, they can help startups find experienced sales leaders who can achieve revenue goals and surpass expectations.

For startups, hiring the right sales leader can make all the difference in accelerating growth and achieving success. Strong recruiters understand the unique challenges faced by startups and can effectively identify candidates who not only have the necessary skills and experience, but also fit well with the company culture and vision.

Sales executive recruiters also save startups time and resources by efficiently sourcing, screening, and presenting top sales talent. With their expertise in the industry, they can quickly identify high-performance sales leaders who are ready to hit the ground running and make an impact on the company’s bottom line.


Of candidates we send get a first-round interview


Of our placements were of a diverse background in 2023


Of our hires stay past 12 months

Work with Captivate Talent for B2B executive sales recruitment

Tap into our extensive network in North America

We have a wide network of successful sales leaders in the US and Canada. Our team has strong relationships with elite talent in industries like FinTech, HealthTech, MarTech, and other software sales categories.

Working with us gives you access to qualified sales professionals with a track record of success in driving revenue and closing deals.

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High track record of success with clients

Our team of B2B sales recruiters have worked with over 100 growing SaaS companies to find top sales executive talent that drives revenue and accelerates growth.

Our clients trust us to deliver results because we take the time to understand their unique needs and culture, allowing us to find sales management candidates who not only have the right skills and experience but also fit seamlessly into their organization. 

Dedicated to B2B startups and revenue talent

Our resources, recruiters, and talent network are focused in the startup and revenue talent space.

We participate in relevant conferences and events for these industries and are active on LinkedIn and Slack communities where we've built deep relationships. Our expertise allows us to provide consultative advice for specialized searches rather than general recruiting knowledge.

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Customized human approach to sales recruiting

We prioritize human searches over technology to ensure key hires for your revenue team. Our executive headhunters personally vet each candidate for your key role, without relying on automated processes.

We've built long-term relationships with many of the candidates we send!

Thorough feedback throughout the process

Our sales recruitment team will provide detailed updates on candidate sourcing, screening, and interviews to keep you informed and involved in the decision-making process, ensuring transparency throughout the hiring process.

giving feedback

Ongoing pipeline optimization from day 1 to hire

From the moment we start working with you to define the role and requirements, we are constantly refining our search strategy to find the candidates you're looking for.

We know that requirements can change through the recruitment process as you see more talent. So we're here to keep filling your pipeline until you're satisfied!

Expert sales recruiters managing your search

Our team has a deep understanding of the B2B sales industry and knows what it takes to build high-growth sales teams.

We have extensive experience in identifying top sales performers, assessing their skills and experience, and matching them with growing startups. Our sales recruiters are knowledgeable in understanding the nuances of various sales roles and industries, enabling us to find qualified candidates who are a good fit for your organization.

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Sales leadership talent we hire for

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
Senior Vice President (SVP) of Sales
Vice President (VP) of Sales
Head of SalesSales Manager
Director of Sales

Sales Development (SDR) Manager
Director of Sales Development
Business Development (BDR) Manager
Director of Commercial Sales
Head of Sales Development
Director of Enterprise Sales
Sales Director

Our sales recruiting services also specialize in finding individual contributors if you are looking to build out a full sales team.

Ready to match with successful sales leaders that drive revenue and accelerate growth?

Contact us today to learn more about how our B2B sales recruiting agency can help you find top executive talent tailored to your specific needs and culture.

Let's work together to create a high-performing leader that will set you up for future success.

Skilled sales recruiters for multiple use cases

US-based startup founders

If you're a US-based startup founder looking to find your first sales leader, our executive recruiters can help.

Our team has extensive experience running effective sales executive searches for early-stage companies efficiently.

We understand the importance of finding the right sales professionals for a startup's success and are dedicated to helping our clients find sales management talent drives that drive revenue and growth.

International startups expanding into the US

If you're an international startup looking to expand your operations into the US market, our skilled sales recruiters can help you match with effective sales talent that drives success in North America.

Navigating the complexities of the US sales landscape can be daunting, but our team has the recruiting experience and knowledge to help you find top sales leaders that will help your company thrive in this competitive market.

How it works


1—Kick-off call

Our internal team will find out exactly what you need so we can connect you to the right, dedicated sales recruiter on our team.


2— Calibration call

We work with you and use your client feedback to nail the ideal hire profile.

This optimizes pipeline and cuts 2-3 weeks off the search time on average.


3—Candidate delivery

Our recruiters will search our network, passive talent, past hiring rounds, communities, and more to find and surface qualified candidates.


4—Weekly pipeline optimization

We’ll iterate with you weekly to make sure we're constantly sending qualified candidates.

This makes sure we’re never running out of sales candidates to send you.


5—Strategic guidance through the interview process

During the search, we'll provide you with up-to-date market information on compensation plans and compensation packages, interview scorecards, our experience-based feedback, candidate feedback, and more.

This helps to make sure you're providing a compelling and competitive offer to ideal candidates, and make sure the hiring process has no leaky funnels.


6—Say hi to your new sales leader!

Congratulations! We have a guarantee that backs up finding you top-tier executive talent that stays for the long-term.

Customer testimonials

Don't just take our word that we're the best B2B sales recruiters. See the proof from our clients.

"We chose to work with Captivate Talent following a detailed selection process for what was one of top 3 hires as a company in 2021. We needed an amazing US RVP to lead Paddle's growth in the Americas.

From first conversation until today, Captivate Talent has been a very strong partner. Great local expertise, great communications to candidates and client, super responsive. Coached both sides thru a successful search to land a wonderful leader."
jimmy fitzgerald

Jimmy Fitzgerald

President and COO

"The Captivate Talent team placed me in my current role and now I am so lucky I get to continue working with them to find new talent to expand my team!

They have been wonderful across initial hiring and checking in, to bringing me fantastic candidates to join my team and aligning experience thoughtfully."
Meredith Silver profile picture

Meredith Silver

First US B2B Sales Leader

"We knew the [job] requirements, but the profile was hazy. Captivate’s background in early stage hires helped shape the job description and offering. We ended up targeting candidates that were able to be more hands on, because that’s truly needed and defining that early on with Captivate was a huge plus."
Yasir Ali profile picture

Yasir Ali

Founder and CEO

"Captivate Talent took a huge burden off our shoulders during our US expansion and has been a key long-term partner.

From a talent standpoint, they have provided us with great pre-vetted candidates that were excited about the role even before we interviewed them.

From a launch standpoint, they advised us on everything US-set up related from payroll to office locations to restaurants, and much more."
james isilay profile picture

James Isilay

CEO at Cognism

About our team

Our teams are structured to align with sales organizations, with executive search specialists focusing on leadership roles and go-to-market recruiters specializing in GTM sales roles.

Here are some other key features of our team.


Our recruiters are based around New York City, strategically located in the heart of one of the largest business hubs in the US.

This gives us a strategic edge to have working hours with all major timezones including European startups, Indian-based companies, Israeli startups, and more.

B2B SaaS-focused

We specializes in finding top talent for B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) companies.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with selling technology solutions to businesses, and we have a track record of success in placing high-performing sales professionals in this industry.

Revenue hiring-focused

Our company specializes in recruiting top talent for sales, marketing, and customer success roles.

We have a deep understanding of the metrics, red flags, and industry nuances related to revenue roles in the SaaS sector.

Our experienced recruiters can help you build a strong sales team, improve marketing efforts, or enhance your customer success department.


How is your approach to sales recruiting different from other agencies?

A: Our approach to executive recruiting is unique in that we've built strong candidate relationships through in-person and online community efforts. We have an extensive network of early-stage sales professionals from LinkedIn, Slack communities, and events as well as a track record of successfully scaling revenue teams for early-stage companies.

We also offer strategic guidance throughout the entire hiring process, providing clients with up-to-date market information, interview scorecards, and candidate feedback to ensure a seamless and successful recruitment process.

How long does it typically take to fill a sales leader through your agency?

Our streamlined recruitment process typically takes 60-90 days to fill a sales leadership role. However, our calibration call and weekly pipeline optimization help cut down on search time, allowing us to find qualified candidates faster than traditional recruiting methods. 

What industries do your sales recruiters specialize in?

Our sales recruiters have experience working across a wide range of industries, including technology sales, software sales, and B2B sales. We have successfully placed top sales professionals in various sectors and are equipped to help clients build high-performing sales teams regardless of industry.

Does Captivate only recruit for sales jobs?

We don’t just focus on SaaS sales talent. We can help you build out your full revenue team. That includes any hires in Marketing or Customer Success.

Check out our success stories to see success stories where we’ve helped startups hire for multiple roles across sales, marketing, and CX.

What are some key things I should look for in executive recruiters?

A few things you should be looking for in a experienced sales management recruiters:
- An agency that’s based in the same timezone as the candidates you are looking for—candidates want to speak at times that are convenient to them
- A recruiting agency that has a strong network of sales executives—the cost of a bad hire can make or break SaaS startups at this stage
- An agency that shift to your shifting needs—that’s why we're not just an executive search firm or a go-to-market hiring team. We have teams for each function.

Why should I use software sales recruiters from Captivate instead of hiring myself?

here's almost certainty that our team has completed the exact hiring search you might be working on right now.

That means instead of starting from scratch, you can start with our deep network of sales professionals. You will also save time during the search as we only pass the most qualified candidates to you for interviewing.

There's no waiting for candidates to apply, you spend less time spent managing the interview process, and we can also advise you on current best practices in the market based on what similar companies might be offering.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us about your specific sales recruiting needs. We're here to answer questions about rates, process, and more.

Ready to match with successful sales leaders that drive success?

Contact our experienced sales recruiters today to kick-start the recruitment process and find top sales leaders for your organization.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of the US market and scale your operations with a team of dedicated and skilled sales professionals.