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Many people fall into recruiting, but Casey chose a career in talent acquisition because of her intense curiosity for what motivates someone.  

Casey has always sought opportunities to connect with people on all levels and serve as a thought partner during the most pivotal times of their careers and company development.  As her career has evolved, she has gotten tremendous joy from helping people feel seen.

Casey resides in New Jersey with her husband and their two active children. She is a gardener and loves to visit new places.  She is always looking for ways to become more active in the community.

Prior to joining Captivate, Casey worked for a boutique executive search firm, conducting searches across a wide range of large multinational clients. She led searches for C-Suite, VP, and General Manager level positions across all job types. In the three most. recent years Casey focused heavily on digital transformation and marketing team build out projects.

To take her offering to the next level,  she completed an intensive training course through Rutgers University, and received her ACC certification through the International Coaching Federation. She currently coaches business leaders on how to become more fulfilled, build stronger relationships, overcome imposter syndrome, and achieve a robust career trajectory.

What roles do you help hire for?

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Sales Officer

VP of Sales

VP of Marketing

VP Demand Generation

VP Customer Success

Head of Marketing

Head of Sales

Director of Sales

Director of Marketing

Director of Product Marketing

Director of Customer Success

What did you do before Captivate Talent?

Prior to Captivate I was with a boutique executive search firm for 9 years, as a generalist, working predominantly with Fortune 500 and household brand names, placing senior executives like Chief People Officers, VP Marketing, VP Insights, Head of eCommerce, VP of Sales, and General Managers.

With that firm over the last 3 years, I focused mainly on digital transformation and marketing team build out projects. Outside of recruiting, I have had several roles in leadership development and currently have a growing leadership coaching business.

Tell us about your recent placements!

VP of Marketing, Ed Tech
Director of Sales, HR Tech

What's your best candidate tip?

No matter what life stage you are in, you can learn from anyone. Mentors come in all ages, and inspiration can hit during any conversation, so be humble and stay curious.

What's your best tip for companies hiring?

Share candidate feedback from interviews in a timely manner and make sure you expect the same from your recruiters. It shows you're engaged at all points of the process and motivated to make a hire.

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