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Hire Fractional Executives to provide the experience your team is missing

Captivate Talent Boost matches early-stage growth companies with fractional revenue leaders to help your business reach its goals, without the expensive cost of a full-time executive or full-time employee.

We have highly vetted and referenced fractional leaders from top SaaS companies

Match with part-time executives in sales, marketing, and CX to fuel growth

Early-stage companies sometimes get stuck and budget constraints can limit them during a pivotal time of their business.

We built our executive talent marketplace for startups looking to continue business growth without the immediate need for a full-time hire.

Hire a Fractional Executive

Who uses Captivate Talent Boost for fractional executive leadership

Early-stage companies

Early-to-growth stage startups use us to find business leaders when they aren't ready for a full-time hire and just need to get from point A to point B.

Venture capital firms and advisors

VCs and advisors use Boost to help their startups with fractional hiring to help them reach their business goals.

What types of fractional roles do you help with?

Fractional VP of Sales or Chief Revenue Officer

Our executive talent marketplace has many sales leaders to help you with building sales team, developing go-to-market strategy, and putting in processes and systems to scale your company.

Fractional CMO

We've sourced and vetted the best marketing consultants to help you improve your marketing strategy. Whether you need help with strategic marketing planning, campaign development and execution, or help with marketing analytics, you can trust our fractional talent to deliver results.

Fractional CX leadership

Our customer success fractional leaders can help you raise NPS scores and solve common churn issues. Our fractional executives in CX have years of experience with building trust with customers—let them help you get the most out of your existing customer base.

How we help match you with Fractional Executives

1—Sign up for a Boost account

Once you sign up, you'll be able to start submitting requests in our fractional talent marketplace (i.e. help with a go-to-market playbook, ABM strategy, etc.).

2—Experienced leaders submit interest

As soon as you post your job, we'll send your request out our network of revenue executives. They will submit pitches on why they are a good fit for the role.

3—Review experienced executives

Approve and reject any interested candidates you receive for your job.

Interested executives will submit a pitch for your project.

4—Meet your executive talent match

Once you select your fractional business executive, the Captivate Talent team will schedule time for you and the talent to speak based on availability for both parties.

5—Start your project with a fractional hire

After you align with your fractional leader on plans, you can get to work immediately. All of our fractional talent works on an as-needed basis and there are no long-term commitments.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)s

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What level of commitment do I need to give for fractional hiring?

When you start with Boost, we require you to commit to reviewing fractional talent pitches within 24 hours of receiving them. Once you match with a fractional executive, you will need to commit 30 minutes to meet with the talent.

After you get started on a project, we recommend scheduling time to meet with your leader at at least once every week to ensure long-term success.

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How long do commitments with fractional leaders last?

We require a minimum commitment of two months. This could be as little as two hours a week but our most successful fractional engagements are typically for 5-10 hours per week.

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Are fractional engagements charged on an hourly basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis?

Projects can be scoped out on a monthly basis but our consultants and leaders are paid by the hour.

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What is the cost of using Captivate Talent Boost?

Signing up as a company or talent is free, but any talent hired for a project will receive their market rate plus a 30% markup. The markup will be paid by the startup not the talent.


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