Case Study

LegalTech startup finds their perfect fit VP of Sales through Captivate Talent

Note: Captivate Talent is dedicated to sourcing and placing exceptional individuals, ensuring that our talent pool represents diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

This case study includes a diverse hire, furthering our commitment to diversity and our ability to match top-tier talent from all backgrounds with organizations seeking to build a more inclusive and innovative workforce.

Captivate Talent provides guidance and a high-quality network to hire SimplyAgree's VP of Sales

SimplyAgree was looking for a VP of Sales who had experience with both early stage companies and enterprise sales. They were struggling to find candidates who fit this criteria, especially ones that could do some of the work now and grow into a bigger role after fundraising.

After partnering with Captivate Talent, they were able to lean on the Captivate team’s network and knowledge to find a candidate with the ideal experience and potential.

Who is SimplyAgree?

SimplyAgree is a signature and closing management tool for transactional attorneys.


Partnership started in
Sept 2022
Sept 2022
$7M Venture Round


"Captivate Talent communicated seamlessly with us throughout the hiring process. With their help in reviewing candidate profiles and discussing pros and cons, we found the perfect fit for our needs. The quality of candidates they provided positively influenced our decision-making process."

Will Norton
Founder and CEO



Weeks from search kickoff to offer


Candidates shortlisted


Finalists for the role

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Results: SimplyAgree finds the right balance between early-stage experience and enterprise sales in their VP of Sales hire

After having multiple final round in-person interviews, SimplyAgree was able to find the perfect hire for their VP of Sales role. This new hire strikes the perfect balance between someone who can help set up processes and systems now, and play a bigger leadership role in the future.

As a result, SimplyAgree feels confident that they have the candidate they need, with the right potential, to help them achieve their future business goals.

1st placement

VP of Sales

Additional placements

Challenge: Get the right mix of experience, potential, and understanding of SimplyAgree's unique market position

SimplyAgree needed someone who could help build a framework, mentor their team, and elevate their processes, while also possessing the right mix of experience and potential to grow with the company. The company was also in a unique position. They weren’t looking for a VP of Sales to come in and build a team, making it more difficult to find the right person for the job.

Solution: Captivate Talent provides candidate assessments beyond LinkedIn profiles and resumes to find the ideal candidate, all while coaching through the hiring process

Captivate Talent started by gaining a deep understanding of SimplyAgree’s needs and requirements for the role. Using their extensive network and expertise, Captivate Talent sourced and vetted a pool of high-quality candidates that included diverse talent.

Captivate Talent provided thorough candidate assessments, sharing the pros and cons of each candidate and providing additional information beyond what can be found on LinkedIn or a resume. In addition, the Captivate team offered guidance to SimplyAgree on next steps and coached them on how to proceed with candidates in a clear and effective manner.

"I think the variety of candidates that Captivate Talent sent helped a lot. I don’t know if we would’ve chosen the candidate we picked without seeing the other VP of Sales talent. Comparing the great candidates we saw throughout the process makes me confident that we followed the right steps to select a candidate that we strongly believe in."

- Matt Dudley, Chief of Staff