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Macorva secures full-scale Enterprise deals, drives growth with strategic sales hires through Captivate Talent

Note: Captivate Talent is dedicated to sourcing and placing exceptional individuals, ensuring that our talent pool represents diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

This case study includes a diverse hire, furthering our commitment to diversity and our ability to match top-tier talent from all backgrounds with organizations seeking to build a more inclusive and innovative workforce.

Building a dream sales team: Captivate Talent's sales placements for Macorva help secure game-changing enterprise deals

Macorva faced the challenge of building a sales team from scratch as their technical founders and developers focused primarily on product development. 

They turned to Captivate Talent and their vast experience in building out sales teams from the ground up. The Captivate team took the time upfront to really understand Macorva and their requirements to help source exactly the candidates they wanted.

After understanding their needs , Captivate Talent was able to deliver multiple hires who helped Macorva secure significant enterprise deals, impacting their business greatly.

Who is Macorva?

Macorva's Radiant AI help companies close the employee and customer feedback loop.


Partnership started in
Aug 2020
Aug 2020


"Captivate's commitment to understanding our company and getting us what we were asking for was the biggest difference maker in this experience. Captivate has been instrumental in our growth. The hires we got from them have helped us secure multiple full-scale enterprise deals."

Carley Childress
Founder, Chief Product Officer



Days from kickoff to offer for most recent role—from strong alignment and understanding of Macorva


Candidates placed over 2.5 years


Hires promoted after being placed

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Captivate Talent's swift and strategic hiring process helps Macorva fuel business growth

With their hires, Macorva has been able to secure full-scale implementations at major enterprises, resulting in multiple six-figure multi-year contracts. This has made a significant impact on their business growth, especially in a competitive market.

The candidates were also sourced fast, with the last two hires being completed in less than 30 days from search kickoff to offer.

The results not only surpassed expectations but also laid a solid foundation for Macorva's future expansion. They have even promoted one of the early hires to Director of Business Development after initially being brought in as an SDR more than two years ago.

1st placement

Lead Development Executive (promoted to Director of Business Development)

Additional placements

Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Account Executive. Enterprise Business Development Representative, Enterprise Account Executive (CX)

Challenge: Find a partner to provide sales hiring expertise and stay in line with unique hiring requirements

Macorva was looking to establish a strong sales organization to drive business growth and secure full-scale enterprise deals. With technical founders, the company lacked the necessary expertise and resources to build an effective sales team.

They needed to identify experienced B2B SaaS sales professionals who could navigate the highly competitive market, communicate the company's mission, and close lucrative enterprise deals. Other partners they worked with struggled to find candidates that could truly deliver results or follow through with their requirements. 

Overcoming these obstacles required a strategic partner that would commit to a deep understanding of Macorva's unique demands.

Solution: Captivate Talent works to gain deep understanding of Macorva's business to ensure success

To address the challenge of building a robust sales organization, Captivate Talent started by thoroughly understanding Macorva's company mission and specific requirements—including industry requirements. 

With their expertise and extensive network, Captivate quickly identified experienced candidates that matched the skills Macorva was looking for.

The Captivate team was also able to better pitch Macorva to candidates over established companies, getting high performers excited about the role, Macorva, and their mission.

"Captivate provided us with multiple strong B2B sales professionals and did a great job pitching our smaller company over other established businesses in a competitive market. Their communication throughout the process was excellent.

I liked that they always followed up and followed up with candidates after we talked to them."

- Nathan Childress, Founder, CEO