Case Study

Helping an Israeli startup double their US team to support growth from Series B to IPO in Israel

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Idomoo doubles US team with help from Captivate Talent

Idomoo needed help expanding their US team and found the perfect partner in Captivate Talent. Despite the challenges posed by COVID, Captivate Talent was able to double Idomoo's US team with 12 revenue hires in just three years. 

Captivate Talent visited Idomoo's office multiple times to get a better understanding of their team and product, making sure their job descriptions were well tailored for their needs.

Since working with Captivate Talent, Idomoo has seen significant growth in their US revenue operations and a successful expansion of their team. Captivate Talent has been an invaluable partner to Idomoo, showing that they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their clients get the best hires possible.

Who is Idomoo?

Israeli company that provides video-based digital CRM solutions for enterprises.


Partnership started in
Feb 2019
$18M Series B
Feb 2019
IPO in Israel


"Captivate Talent has become a trusted partner and true extension of our business. Our success is an outcome of the talent we have.

Since February 2019, we’ve more than doubled the size of our US team and much of that is attributed to Captivate Talent."

Yaron Dishon
Chief Revenue Officer and GM Idomoo USA



Total roles placed at Idomoo since partnership started


Placements that have now been promoted

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Results: A strong US revenue team that has had 5 Captivate Talent placements promoted

Captivate Talent has had a major impact on Idomoo's revenue team and processes. After hiring one senior SDR, Captivate Talent has helped them add 11 more revenue roles. Of these 11 hires, 5 have already been promoted including the first hire, showing the impact of the quality of hires that Captivate Talent provides. Idomoo has since gone public in Israel.

1st placement

Senior SDR (Promoted to Customer Enablement)

Additional placements

Senior SDR (2), Account Executive (2), Enterprise Account Director (2), Customer Success Manager, Director of Customer Success, Manager of Sales Development, Creative Project Manager (2)

Challenge: Building a US revenue team without an internal recruiter

Idomoo faced a tough challenge when they had to build out their US revenue team without an internal recruiter. The GM had to try and recruit while running the entire US operations, which quickly turned out to be too much. 

Idomoo tried other recruiters but found that they had no interest in learning about their team, culture, product and needs, and were more focused on fees than actually being an extension of their team.

Solution: Captivate Talent delivers 12 revenue hires through extensive talent network

Captivate Talent went the extra mile for Idomoo, visiting their office multiple times to integrate with their team and serve as an extension of their US operations.They also took a demo from Idomoo's AEs to better understand their product and company in order to find the best candidates for their roles. 

Captivate Talent also challenged Idomoo's requirements to make sure they had the right candidate profile and could ensure a successful hire. By taking the time to understand Idomoo's needs, they were able to quickly and efficiently find the ideal candidates for their roles through their extensive talent network. 

This careful approach enabled them to deliver 12 successful revenue hires in 3 years and double Idomoo's US team.