Case Study

Paddle builds US sales team through Captivate Talent to support global expansion

Note: Captivate Talent is dedicated to sourcing and placing exceptional individuals, ensuring that our talent pool represents diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

This case study includes a diverse hire, furthering our commitment to diversity and our ability to match top-tier talent from all backgrounds with organizations seeking to build a more inclusive and innovative workforce.

Captivate Talent helps Paddle expand into US market

Paddle, a global FinTech company, was looking to expand into the US market. To build out their US sales team, they enlisted the help of Captivate Talent to provide their expertise from helping over 50 startups in 5 years expand into the US.

After helping Paddle hire an RVP of Americas as their first US sales hire, Captivate Talent proceeded to help Paddle hire additional AEs and SDRs. 

As a result of these hires, Paddle has successfully expanded into the US and raised an additional $200M in Series D funding.

Who is Paddle?

UK FinTech startup that provides payment infrastructure for SaaS companies.


Partnership started in
Jan 2021
$68M Series C
Jan 2021
$200M Series D


Notion Capital, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Kindred Capital, 83 North, and 7 others

"We chose to work with Captivate Talent following a detailed selection process for what was one of top 3 hires as a company in 2021. We needed an amazing US RVP to lead Paddle's growth in the Americas. From first conversation until today, Captivate Talent has been a very strong partner. Great local expertise, great communications to candidates and client, super responsive. Coached both sides thru a successful search to land a wonderful leader."

Jimmy Fitzgerald
President and COO



Total qualified candidates screened and sent to Paddle for RVP of Americas role


Qualified candidates screened and sent in first 7 days for RVP of Americas role


Finalists for RVP of Americas role


Additional GTM placements at Paddle

Similar Searches

First Sales Leader searches

Head of Sales - Seed - eCom

Dir. of Sales - Series A - Analytics

VP of Sales - Series A - CXTech

And 13 others in the last 12 months

Results: Successful US expansion and $200M in Series D funding raised

The partnership between Captivate Talent and Paddle was a success.  With their help, Paddle was able to quickly and efficiently hire an RVP of Americas, build out a US sales team, and expand into the US market. 

This ultimately led to Paddle raising an additional $200M in Series D funding. Captivate Talent's revenue-focused talent network, local expertise, and guidance on budget allowed Paddle to make successful hires and continues to be an invaluable partner.

1st placement

RVP of Americas (Promoted to VP of Global Sales in <1 year)

Additional placements

Enterprise Account Executive, Account Executive, Senior SDR (2)

Challenge: Finding local expertise for first US sales hire at Paddle

Paddle was looking to hire a Director of Sales, but they needed help determining if that was the right role, finding local expertise and recruiting candidates in the US. 

Without an established network or understanding of the right questions to ask, Paddle needed to find a US-based recruiting firm experienced in helping EMEA companies with their hiring needs.

Solution: Qualified candidates in the first 7 days

Captivate Talent provided Paddle with an effective solution that allowed them to quickly find the right candidate for their RVP of Americas role. 

Captivate Talent's thorough scoping enabled them to identify the proper budget and experience level needed to bring the product into a new market. 

They worked closely with Paddle leadership to source 8 qualified candidates within the first 7 days, giving Paddle the confidence they needed to make the hire.

"I loved working with Recruiter Kelsey Mooney - she was helpful and to the point. Every conversation was productive. I recommend Captivate and am very happy with how quick and profitable the process turned out to be for me personally."

Katy Hammond

Account Executive

"I was so thrilled with Tia and Michael who helped me land an amazing role at Paddle! The best part was truly them setting me up to succeed in my interviews."

Adam Preda