Case Study

RevSure picks Captivate Talent for Head of Marketing search after building rapport through common communities and multiple in-person events

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This case study includes a diverse hire, furthering our commitment to diversity and our ability to match top-tier talent from all backgrounds with organizations seeking to build a more inclusive and innovative workforce.

Captivate Talent leans on established trust and rapport to complete marketing leader search in <30 days

After raising a $10M Seed round and hiring a VP of Sales, RevSure was looking to round out their team with a marketing leader. 

Through multiple in-person events and community led partnerships, they reached out to Captivate Talent to lead the search.

With established trust and rapport, and a strong process, Captivate helped RevSure extend an offer to their current Head of Marketing in less than 30 days from search kick off.

Who is RevSure?

RevSure AI provides tools for marketing, sales, and customer success for the revenue operations.


Partnership started in
Sept 2022
Seed $3.5M
Sept 2022
Seed $9.5M


Innovation Endeavors, Neotribe Ventures, and 5 others

"It has been great getting to know the Captivate Talent team over the past 2 years—first meeting the team at SaaStr 2022 to now completing our Head of Marketing search.

We’ve been impressed with the candidates they have in their network. Not only are they great recruiters, but they are great to partner with as well. The Captivate team feels like a true partner in our network—they aren’t just looking to collect a fee but want to work and win together."

Jonathan Hill
VP of Sales



Days from search kickoff to offer


Candidates screened by Captivate Talent for RevSure


Candidates submitted and interviewed by RevSure


Finalists to offer stage

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Results: RevSure fills key leadership role, finds a long-term strategic partner

Thanks to alignment from in-person events before search kick off, Captivate Talent was able to present qualified candidates to RevSure fast.

It took less than a week for Captivate to deliver candidates to interview for RevSure. Right after the first 2 interviews, 5 days after kicking off, RevSure walked away feeling like this partnership was going to be a big win.

Captivate Talent’s tight feedback loop and constant communication helped RevSure cut down time interviewing candidates. Most of the selling of the role and company had already been done by Captivate during the screening process.

This allowed RevSure to make an offer to their preferred candidate for their Head of Marketing role in less than 30 days from the search kickoff. 

RevSure feels confident that their new hire will accomplish the goals needed of defining their marketing strategy, owning the top of funnel growth, and most importantly, contributing to revenue. Already, RevSure can see some early indicators of success based on work completed.

The partnership didn’t just end with the hire though. Captivate has continued to keep in touch with RevSure, and even partnered with them to host a happy hour together at Pavilion’s GTM2023 event.

1st placement

Head of Marketing

Additional placements

Challenge: Finding a recruiting partner that can sell RevSure to the candidate market, has success working with early-stage startups

RevSure’s biggest challenge in their marketing search was finding a true partner to complete the search from end-to-end.

For this key hire, they needed someone that was easy to trust and build rapport with, could provide reasonable terms, and had a proven track record in their industry.

Being an earlier stage company they needed a partner that could help sell their vision of the company to the candidate market. 

Before choosing Captivate, they had looked at another Bay Area based agency but felt they were too rigid in their approach and lacked the understanding of the early startup ecosystem.

Solution: Captivate Talent differentiates itself by building trust through in-person events and partnerships

Captivate Talent was an easy decision for RevSure as they already had built trust and rapport with the team through events in the SaaS community. 

Captivate and RevSure originally met at SaaStr, later hosted a dinner together in NYC, and continued to build a relationship withtheir team in-person at other B2B SaaS events.

Through in-person meetings, RevSure felt confident that Captivate Talent could execute the search and provide them with a strong list of warm candidates quickly. 

And they wouldn’t be able to hide behind average work because RevSure would see Captivate at other community events.

The in-person meetings also allowed Captivate to better understand the product, company vision, and culture RevSure was selling.

"Kelsey Mooney at Captivate reached out to me via LinkedIn and pitched me this opportunity. Her intimate knowledge of the client, role, and industry was extremely impressive - and piqued my interest to learn more. After peppering her with questions - none of which she was unprepared for - I made my way through various conversations with the founder and ELT members.

Along the way, Kelsey kept me updated via text, phone calls, and emails. She was always available, and we're talking from early morning to late at night.

I've since interacted with other Captivate Talent team members and this crew is the real deal. Best experience I've had working with a talent acquisition agency and I look forward to working with them on the hiring side at some point soon."

Louis Abate

Head of Marketing