Case Study

Cyber Security startup partners with Captivate Talent to find their first sales hire and scale their GTM strategy

Note: Captivate Talent is dedicated to sourcing and placing exceptional individuals, ensuring that our talent pool represents diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

This case study includes a diverse hire, furthering our commitment to diversity and our ability to match top-tier talent from all backgrounds with organizations seeking to build a more inclusive and innovative workforce.

Captivate Talent helps Opaque identify their first sales hire

After finding product-market fit, Opaque was looking to make their first sales hire to support their go-to-market strategy. Captivate Talent helped Opaque narrow their ideal candidate profile and find the right balance for seniority and the ability to be hands-on. The hired candidate, an Enterprise Account Executive, worked to build out the initial sales system while also taking a hands-on approach to selling the product.

Who is Opaque?

Cyber Security startup that helps organizations analyze encrypted data in the cloud.


Partnership started in
May 2022
$9.5M Seed
May 2022
$22M Series A


"Working with Captivate was a smooth experience. They struck the right balance of communication. We always knew what was going on. It never felt like we had to worry about anything. We were fortunate that Captivate recruited for leadership and ICs and found it helpful to our success."

Rishabh Poddar
Co-Founder and CEO



Total candidates screened during search (who Captivate talked to)


Qualified candidates sent to Opaque (what Opaque had to filter through)



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Results: Hiring a founding Account Executive that can build out the sales process and sell

Captivate Talent was able to build a strong pipeline of candidates after calibrating on the role. The pipeline plus the candidate experience Captivate provided made Opaque feel confident about submitting an offer. The new Enterprise AE was able to quickly ramp from previous experience selling complex SaaS in Opaque’s relevant verticals. They have already defined the sales process resulting in a big win for Opaque.

1st placement

Founding Account Executive

Additional placements

Challenge: Finding a first sales hire that could be a player-coach

Opaque needed their first sales hire to come in and help systemize the sales process and also be a hunter with strong SaaS experience. With broad needs, Opaque needed help defining the exact role to hire. Other recruiting companies were too generalist. They didn't give enough indication that they had the knowledge to narrow the candidate profile.

Solution: White-glove experience that could pivot from an executive search to individual contributor as the role was narrowed

After coming to Captivate Talent with an executive role profile, Captivate was able to assess that Opaque actually needed a player-coach AE. Having an Executive recruiting team and Go-to-Market team at Captivate was a big value-add for Opaque, allowing the role switch in the search to be seamless.Throughout the process, Captivate provided a white glove experience, the right balance of communication, and challenged Opaque at times to help them make the best hire.