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Don't just settle for any job

Captivate Talent
May 7, 2020
5 min read
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In today’s market, it’s no secret that there is a vast majority of us who have been put in a place of searching for a new job. While you may be in panic mode with the mindset to act fast - it is extremely important to not settle for just any opportunity.

Below are tips on what you should keep in mind before accepting an offer.

1. Weigh out the Pros and Cons:

When considering an opportunity, write down a list of pros and cons. This is a helpful practice when making any decision in life. The list below takes a deeper dive into which circumstances can help ensure whether or not an offer is the best decision for you:

Pros to consider

  • It provides me with career growth
  • I’m confident in the executive team
  • I can see myself working great with my potential future-manager
  • I really bonded with the team and know I’d be a culture fit
  • I think this product is awesome!
  • I can see myself at this company long-term
  • If the pros outweigh the cons “Take the job!”

Cons to consider

  • It’d be taking a step back in my career
  • I don’t feel like there’s any room for growth
  • I’m not confident in the leadership team
  • I’m concerned about the management style
  • I don’t know if this is the right culture for me
  • I don’t think there’s a need for the product or why anyone would buy it
  • I can’t see myself at this company long-term
  • If the cons outweigh the pros “Don’t take the job...”

2. Long-term vs. Short-term:

Looking at the long-term picture is crucial when considering your next career move.

When considering a job opportunity, ask yourself this question:

“If I was still employed, is this role something that I would consider?”

“If this was before the pandemic, is this role something that I would consider?”

You should always be on the hunt to join a company where you can see yourself years from now. Taking a shortcut or “settling” for the time being can not only stunt your professional growth but can also hurt from a resume perspective as a “job hopper” which is always concerning for future employers. Don’t take a step back or settle when you can take a step forward.

3. Non-negotiables

Always know your non-negotiables. Non-negotiables are important when determining your future. This is what you want and what you’re not willing to settle for. For example:

  • I am going to work for a company whose mission is one I believe in
  • I am going to work for a company that provides a clear path to promotion
  • I am going to work for a company whose culture is built on collaboration and transparency

Start with three so you can really pinpoint the most important things to you in your next career move (besides compensation!). Doing this will give you a clear understanding of which opportunities are actually worth your time. Being able to determine what companies truly align with your goals is the key to making the best decision for yourself.

Never settle for a career opportunity that you’re not fully sold on. You owe it to yourself to make sure it’s the right one for you.

We’re all in this together! Our team is here to provide any guidance as you navigate opportunities and search for your next career move. In doing so, we have gone ahead and opened up our calendars for those who feel they need help in the job market. These hours are open to everyone! From executive to recent graduates from Recruiters to Executive Assistants to Accountants. We can use this time to brainstorm your search, review your resume, prep for interviews, or just leverage our network.

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