Guide to opening an office in New York City

If you're expanding your SaaS company and looking to open an office in NYC, you're in the right spot! We are search experts based in NYC and put together a downloadable guide on the best locations, office spaces, activities, and more.

October 18, 2019



hinking about making that major leap across the pond to expand your global reach and tap into new markets? Opening your very first US office is an exciting step towards elevating your business, and in our opinion, there’s no better choice for international tech startups to set up shop than in New York City.

But before you can reap the many benefits of opening an office in this vibrant city, you have to pick a location, find an office, and hire an entirely new team. We know, it’s overwhelming just reading that. The process of opening a new office in itself is challenging, confusing, and exhausting, let alone in an entirely new country. But the good news is, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

At Captivate Talent, our goal is to help growth-stage tech companies attract, hire, and retain top talent while taking a consultative approach with scaling and hiring strategies. With over 25 years of combined experience, we have helped countless companies successfully make it through this tough transition. We’ve picked up some valuable pointers along the way, and since it’s our mission to go above and beyond to provide clients with the resources they need, we decided to share the wealth. In our new Guide to Opening an Office in NYC, we’re revealing our insider tips on the best locations to open an office, how to attract top talent, the employment laws and policies you need to be aware of, American customs you may not be familiar with and more. Check it out for yourself and make the first big step in conquering your big move to the US and make your move from the Big Smoke to the Big Apple a little easier!

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