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Leveraging your network to find your next job

Captivate Talent
July 17, 2020
5 min read
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In these unprecedented times, you might find yourself searching for your next opportunity sooner than expected. In the event you are in this situation or believe you may be in the up-and-coming weeks, here is a quick run-down of how to best leverage your network to find your next opportunity.


This is your first impression; do not underestimate the importance of this document. If you don't know where to begin, you can find a variety of free templates below or use templates provided in Google Drive as a starting point.

Once you've updated your resume, get at least two-second opinions from trusted mentors, or a candidate focused recruiter who is well referenced in your space. A small addition, subtraction, or edit from a colleague could be the deciding factor in you moving forward as a candidate.


Your Profile:

Your LinkedIn profile is now your digital resume. All of the effort, care, and detail included in your resume should be filled into your profile. In some cases, those that are in the hiring process will look at your digital profile more carefully than your resume.

Keywords in your profile do matter - they make you easier to find. You should include keywords that are critical to your position in two areas of your profile:

The Summary and Experience section

The Additional Sections portion which can be included in your profile

Your Status:

Change your status to: "Open To Opportunities" with the below instructions. As employers and recruiters are searching for candidates, this change sorts you accordingly.


Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage

Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown

Click the Privacy tab at the top of the page

Under the Job seeking preferences section, click Change next to Let recruiters know you're open to opportunities


Comb through your network and check to see if your connections companies are hiring. If they have relevant jobs for you, message them directly. This connection may be able to get your resume in the right hands much sooner or be able to submit you as a referral.

If you come across a connection who works at a company that really resonates with you, it can't hurt to reach out to that connection as well in the event they may be hiring in the future.

If you find a job online that you think is perfect for you (of course, apply through the portal), but you could also try sending a connection request with a quick note as to why you are interested to the hiring manager.


It's easy to feel defeated or frustrated in the current climate, but with the right mindset, creativity, and persistence, you will land on your feet. There are many who want to help wherever they can - do not be afraid to ask. This is the time to leverage and expand your network wherever you can.  Our team here at Captivate Talent is here as a resource to help you through this transition; please use us as your sounding board.


When you do land an interview, make sure you are ready to go! Brush up on your interview skills and take extra care to get yourself prepared for a virtual interview as there are a few additional things to remember when you aren't meeting face to face.  If you are working with a recruiter, schedule a prep call with them, they could hold vital information about the role or client that could give you a competitive edge in the process.

Finally, make sure you make the right choice in your next move, the recently signed CARES Act ensures that individuals impacted by a COVID-19 related job loss are taken care of.  If needed, use this as a safety net that ensures you make a thoughtful decision when taking the next step in your career.


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