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What is candidate-focused recruiting?

Captivate Talent
May 22, 2019
5 min read
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ot all recruiters are created equal. Sure, they all help you get a job, but have you ever considered that they don’t all have your best interest in mind?

While many recruiters are ultimately trying to simply fill a role to satisfy their clients (the companies they are doing the search for), at Captivate Talent, we are candidate-focused, meaning that we instead put the candidate and their needs first.

Our mission is to find the right role for you, rather than just looking to fill a position and make commission.

Below we break down the most significant qualities that make a candidate-focused recruiter different.

The Candidate is the Priority

Most recruiters’ main priority is to please their client--the employer. While it’s important to find the right candidate for a role, as candidate-focused recruiters, our main goal is to find the right fit for the candidate. We believe that it’s important to spend time with each candidate to understand their goals, preferences and aspirations and then help achieve them.

Personalized Searches

We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to finding candidates the right job. We tailor each of our searches to find the right roles to match with each person’s unique strengths and skills.

Long-term Relationships

We believe that a candidate-focused approach leads to a situation that is mutually beneficial. Not only are the candidates happy since we help them find a role that feels right to them, but the employers are satisfied as well because they have a new employee can thrive at their company. When both parties’ needs are met, it increases the chances for a healthier, more long-term situation.

Information is Key

A candidate-focused recruiter goes out of their way to ensure that the candidate is informed on all fronts--whether it’s providing detailed descriptions on a potential role and company, providing valuable insight during the interview process or keeping the candidate informed on feedback and the status after the interview. We are committed to keeping the candidate in the loop throughout the entire process.

Are you ready to work with a candidate-focused recruiter? Send us a message at to start your journey for a better job.


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