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Executive Recruitment Consultant

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New York

Recruiter Wanted

Exceptional recruiter wanted for a rapidly growing SaaS recruitment company.  This isn’t a job for the casual employee that wants to hide behind a brand. We are looking for a creative individual that wants to help build a brand and take their career to the next level.

If you want leadership in your next role, this is your opportunity to earn it. If you want ownership and the freedom to take the road less traveled, this is your chance to shine.  If you want to run a team or division, you now have the chance to build it. The opportunities are limitless and success will depend on your desire to grow.

For the right individual, your future at Captivate Talent can offer recognition, high-earning potential, reward, and partnership. This path will not be the easier of the two; the more exciting and rewarding one rarely is.

Make sure this is something you want because the easy way out will always be there.

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