Remote Employee Data

We analyzed over 470,000 companies across different employee counts to see what percentage of their team works outside of their company office locations.

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Remote work trends by funding stage

Global companies analyzed: ~470,000

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Europe companies analyzed: ~200,000

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US companies analyzed: ~165,000

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About this data

Analysis is based on over 470,000 active companies as of Jan '24.

Data considerations

Outside office percentages:
Percentage of employees with a location listed on LinkedIn profile that differs from any known office locations for the company.

Employee counts: Employee data was defined by total number of active LinkedIn profiles related to the company.

About the data provider

GoodFit is a commercial data provider helping B2B companies target the right customer, at the right time, with the right message.

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Captivate Talent is a SaaS recruiting firm that helps high-growth startups hire the best sales, marketing, & CX talent—from leaders to individual contributors.

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