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Mar 2020


Carolyn Estelle

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Carolyn is the proud solo parent to a two-year-old son named Christian who keeps her challenged and entertained daily. They enjoy boating on the Long Island Sound and Great South Bay. She is looking forward to passing down her love of skiing to Christian this season.

Carolyn is passionate about building a strong network of diverse talent and is proud of her percentage of diversity placements. She enjoys partnering with and learning from other female leaders and helping to scale companies that are making a positive impact in the health, wellness, and DEI space.

What roles do you help hire for?

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Sales Officer

VP of Sales

VP of Marketing

VP Demand Generation

VP Customer Success

Head of Marketing

Head of Sales

Director of Sales

Director of Marketing

Director of Product Marketing

Director of Customer Success

What did you do before Captivate Talent?

Helped to build Gartner Conferences Globally for two years and prior spent a little over 10 years at Daversa Partners Executive search helping place founding/key hires in tech/marketing and helped them grow internally.

Tell us about your recent placements!

Female Diversity VP of Marketing for $160M Series A eCommerce platform - helped her break into the next level of her career and acquired a substantial amount of equity

SVP of Customer Success for AI/Machine Learning start-up backed by Sequoia and Octopus Ventures - acquired within a year of this hire implementing best practices/strategy

Head of Product Marketing for a billion-dollar Enterprise software platform. $250K base plus generous benefits Sequoia and Octopus Ventures

What's your best candidate tip?

Asking about any hesitations or things that are still unclear as one of your final questions for the interview, asking about expectations for the first 6 months (so you can have a chance to reply), and taking notes on conversation specifics for a personalized thank you note.

What's your best tip for companies hiring?

Time kills all deals - 24hr feedback with tangible reasons to provide to candidates with why they were not a fit and action items for Captivate to calibrate for more pipeline.

Trusting in transparency and partnering to create a clean and simple search process with 24hr feedback turnaround.

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